Missouri Municipal Attorneys Association


At the business meeting held as part of the 1994 Missouri Municipal Attorney's Annual Conference in Osage Beach, Missouri, the membership established the Lou Czech Award.  The award is “to be presented annually to the member displaying the same high standards of accomplishment, professionalism and ethical conduct as exhibited by Lou Czech.”  the following represents the guidelines for the selection of a member to receive the award each year beginning at our Annual Conference scheduled for July 1995:

a)  The individual’s professional accomplishments in serving the public’s interests and the various governmental jurisdictions wherein the nominee was employed.

b)  The professionalism exhibited by the nominee in his relationship with elected officials, the public and other local government professionals.  The committee should also consider the nominee’s time and efforts spent in training and supporting young professionals just entering the field.

c)  The individual’s accomplishments in addition to service to the employing jurisdiction, time and effort spent serving the local, state and international city attorneys associations, serving on Municipal League committees and in other capacities that have proven beneficial to the public welfare or the promotion of the profession of municipal law.

          d)  The nominee’s record of ethical conduct in all private and professional matters that bear on the individual’s acceptability for the Lou Czech Award.

Lou Czech Award Recipients


2023 Paul Campo

2022 Brian Head

2021   Eric Cunningham

2020   Joseph Lauber

2019   Mark Grimm

2018   Terry McVey

2017   John Mulligan, Jr.

2016   Stephanie Karr

2015   T. Chris Williams

2014   Wallace Duncan

2013   Stephen Chinn

2012   Nathan Nicholas

2011   Bill Moore

2010   Nancy Yendes

2009   Howard Paperner

2008   Christine Bushyhead

2008   Nancy Thompson

2007   Dan Vogel

2006   Lisa Robertson

2005   William Geary

2004   Fred Boeckmann

2003   W. Dudley McCarter

2002   Allen Garner

2001   Shulamith Simon

2000   Lyn Porterfield

1999   Kevin O’Keefe

1998   Patrick Cronan

1997   Rollin Moerschel

1996   Richard N. Ward

1995   Howard Wright