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MML Annual Conference
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Now more than ever, it is so important for local officials to share ideas, support each other and learn from experts on how to best move our communities forward. We hope you can join us to learn strategies for your city's recovery, resilience, cyber security, Sunshine Law considerations and more!


The MML Annual Conference brings together nearly 700 municipal officials from across Missouri for training, networking and the latest tools for local government success.

There are strong sessions for this Conference on a variety of topics local officials face every day. Many sessions apply as credit toward the Municipal Governance Institute, where you can become a Certified Municipal Government Official.


This is a four day conference that rotates around Missouri (historically Lake Ozark, Kansas City, St. Charles, St. Louis and Branson). We kick off the conference on Sunday evening with a welcome reception and end Wednesday morning with breakfast and a speaker. 

The exhibit hall opens Sunday evening and then is open all day on Monday ending at 4:40 with company prize drawings.


Historically on average this conference draws around 600-700 city officials and/or city employees.








Contact Emily Koenigsfeld

Future Conference Dates:

Sept. 26-29, 2021 - Union Station, St. Louis

Sept. 11-14, 2022 - Tan-Tar-A Conference Center, Lake of the Ozarks


2019 Annual Conference Handouts

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
10aCommEngagementAC19.pdf PDF (4.15 MB) Administration 8/29/2019
10aCommEngagementAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (11.97 MB) Administration 8/29/2019
10bAgingInfrastructureAC19.pdf PDF (591.45 KB) Administration 8/29/2019
10bAgingInfrastructureAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (2.09 MB) Administration 8/29/2019
10cFMLA-AC19_1_.pdf PDF (2.96 MB) Administration 9/12/2019
10cFMLA-AC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (3.38 MB) Administration 9/12/2019
10dShowMeMondayAC19.pdf PDF (95.53 KB) Administration 9/12/2019
10dShowMeMondayAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (80.93 KB) Administration 9/12/2019
11MedicalMariguanaAC19.pdf PDF (861.06 KB) Administration 8/29/2019
11MedicalMariguanaAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (941.62 KB) Administration 8/29/2019
1aCCFOAMonumentalDecisionsAC19.pdf PDF (66.11 KB) Administration 8/29/2019
1bCCFOAEmbracingLeadershipAC19.pdf PDF (66.16 KB) Administration 8/29/2019
3aFraudAwarenessAC19.pdf PDF (714.73 KB) Administration 8/29/2019
3aFraudAwarenessAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (1.46 MB) Administration 8/29/2019
3bManufacturingOasisAC19.pdf PDF (4.3 MB) Administration 8/29/2019
3bManufacturingOasisAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (17.84 MB) Administration 8/29/2019
3cChumpChangeAC19.pdf PDF (929.51 KB) Administration 9/5/2019
3cChumpChangeAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (3.81 MB) Administration 9/5/2019
3dBuildingCityUtilitiesAC19.pdf PDF (868.92 KB) Administration 8/29/2019
3dBuildingCityUtilitiesAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (1.13 MB) Administration 8/29/2019
4aCompassionateCitiesAC19.pdf PDF (532.41 KB) Administration 8/29/2019
4aCompassionateCitiesAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (4.45 MB) Administration 8/29/2019
4bFEMAAC19.pdf PDF (732.19 KB) Administration 9/2/2019
4bFEMAAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (1.95 MB) Administration 9/2/2019
5aEconomicDevAC19.pdf PDF (962.65 KB) Administration 8/29/2019
5aEconomicDevAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (1.51 MB) Administration 8/29/2019
5bCreatingDiversePoolsAC19.pdf PDF (267.17 KB) Administration 8/29/2019
5bCreatingDiversePoolsAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (493.91 KB) Administration 8/29/2019
5cCCFOASessionAC19.pdf PDF (4.37 MB) Administration 9/5/2019
5cCCFOASessionAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (4.09 MB) Administration 9/5/2019
5dCybeRiskAC19.pdf PDF (1.22 MB) Administration 8/29/2019
5dCybeRiskAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (1.63 MB) Administration 8/29/2019
6aMOonMoveAC19.pdf PDF (747.12 KB) Administration 9/5/2019
6aMOonMoveAC19-ExpandedVersion.pdf PDF (2.52 MB) Administration 9/5/2019
6bBlueprintAutismAC19.pdf PDF (1.91 MB) Administration 8/29/2019
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