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Innovation Awards
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Congratulations to the 2020 MML Innovation Award Winners! 

City of O’Fallon (Extra Large City Category: population more than 30,000) 
O’Day Park

O'Day Park is the culmination of concepts that stand alone as innovative and together offer a multi-faceted strategy to be in concert with today's environmental concerns. In 2001, the city of O'Fallon was gifted 54 acres of land off Highway DD, one-mile south of Interstate 64, to build and develop a natural park that would provide green space and nature-based amenities on the south end of town. This project would satisfy a desire for such space within the community and expand the footprint of O'Fallon's parks system. Funding for the project was approved by voters in 2016 through Proposition PARKS. The O'Day Park project team, consisting of the mayor, City Council, parks and recreation department, engineering department, SWT Design, and Navigate Building Solutions, set out to maintain the natural character of the land; protect the habitats and ecosystems native to the area; conserve and reuse water for irrigation in the rest of the park; create an adventure playground; and provide indoor and outdoor event space. This unique park opened to the public on April 27, 2019 and has been well-received by its visitors.

City of Nixa (Large City, with population 15,000 -30,000)
9 pm Routine: Crime Prevention Through Social Media

The Nixa Police Department wanted to reduce theft of valuables from unlocked cars parked in driveways or unclosed garages. After getting the idea from Pasco County, Florida, Nixa Police Lieutenant Jeremy Whitehill began using Facebook to create awareness of the importance of removing valuables from vehicles every night, locking the doors, closing garage doors, and leaving lights on outside the home. They call it the #9pmRoutine. In 2019, Nixa PD posted 134 times about the #9pmRoutine using creativity, humor and internet memes to help it stick in the memory of its residents.

The posts reached more than a quarter million people and were seen a total of 330,000 times, garnering engagement from more than 18,800 individuals. Members of the Nixa community thanked the department for reminding them of easy ways to prevent themselves from becoming property crime victims. The department became known in the area for its effort and earned positive media coverage for it. The best part, the campaign actually worked; contributing to a 41% reduction in theft from motor vehicles year-over-year, and a 60% reduction in monetary losses by citizens to such thefts. The project did not cost a dime and any city could implement it.

City of Cameron (Medium City Category: population 5,000 – 15, 000 and Members' Choice Award) 
Dilapidated to New

Dilapidated properties can cause many issues for a community, such as increased crime, a risk to health and welfare, and municipal costs for the community. The city of Cameron, Missouri, offers the opportunity to remove dilapidated structures that pose an imminent danger to the community, through a demolition program. In many cases, property owners either inherit property, abandon or neglect issues that have plagued communities for years. This program allows the City to encourage property owners to remove certain structures that are substandard, hazardous, and dangerous through several options. Each year the city of Cameron appropriates funds to partner with residential property owners to remove these structures. Dangerous structures are defined as properties that are hazardous and dangerous to the public health and welfare and are beyond repair.

The City offers two programs for demolition of these properties. Property owners can elect to participate in the 50/50 or 100% demolition program. The 50/50 demolition program is designed to allow property owners the opportunity to share the cost of removing dilapidated structures. The average cost per structure is $7,000 per single family home. The 100% program allows property owners with limited funding to sign over the property entirely and allow the City to remove the structure. The City covers the total cost of the demolition process. Once the structure is removed, the property is placed for sale. As part of the demolition agreement, the buyer of the property is responsible for constructing a single-family home within two years. The great thing about this program is that it is almost revenue neutral for the City. 

2020 Innovation Award Application  - Apply now starting Dec. 1, 2020 and closing March 1, 2021

The Innovation Awards program showcases municipal programs or projects that have been successfully implemented and demonstrate new approaches for solving municipal challenges. It may also serve as a model for other communities.

To enter, a municipality must be a member of the Missouri Municipal League. Only one program per city will be considered. Joint or multi-city projects are welcome (population category  will  be  based  on  the  largest  city  in  the  project). Nominated programs or projects must be completed or well established.

The awards will be given in five categories: 
• Extra Large (population more than 30,000)
• Large (population 15,000 to 30,000)
• Medium (population 5,000 to 15,000)
• Small (population under 5,000)
• Member’s Choice (all nominees are eligible and all members are welcome to vote)

Good luck and we look forward to seeing the great projects and programs that have been implemented in your municipality!

Innovation Award Winners


Larger City Category
City of Springfield

Large City Category
City of Nixa

Medium City Category
City of Lebanon

Small City Category
City of Fair Grove

Members' Choice
City of Fair Grove


Larger City Category
City of Columbia

Large City Category
City of Nixa

Medium City Category
City of Willard

Small City Category
North Kansas City

Members' Choice
City of Columbia


Larger City Category
City of Kansas City

Large City Category
City of Nixa

Medium City Category
City of Fulton

Small City Category
Rockaway Beach and Merriam Woods

Members' Choice


The MML Innovation Awards program showcases municipal projects that demonstrate new approaches for solving municipal challenges.

The awards complement the League's goal of serving as a clearinghouse for municipal information. The awards recognize and celebrate successful programs, spotlighting those that could benefit other communities.

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