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Technical Bulletins
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League Technical Bulletins provide in-depth guidance on a wide variety of topics of interest to municipal officials.  In many cases they provide information not compiled by any other agency in the state. Officials in member municipalities as well as associate and participating affiliate members may obtain complementary copies of these publications without charge by clicking on the member link for the publication.  

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Municipal Administration

Cash Management for Missouri Municipalities (Oct 1994) (Finance) - Contains a general discussion of cash management policy and techniques and a step-by-step guide to developing and implementing a program of investing idle funds. Members Link; Non Members ($20.00) Purchase Now 

Financial Management for Small Missouri Municipalities: Volume I Budgeting (Oct 2008) (Finance) - This bulletin is part of a three (3) volume set designed for municipalities with populations of 1,000 or less and/or budgets under $100,000. Volume I Budgeting provides small municipalities with information regarding statutory requirements of budgeting, suggested budget calendar, revenue estimating and other areas. Sample forms are included. Members Link;  Non Members ($15.00)  Purchase Now

Financial Management for Small Missouri Municipalities: Volume II Accounting (Mar 1998) (Finance) -  This bulletin is part of a three (3) volume set designed for municipalities with populations of 1,000 or less and/or budgets under $100,000. Volume II Accounting describes a simplified accounting system. Basic terminology, procedures and book entries are discussed. Sample forms are included. Members Link; Non Members ($15.00)  Purchase Now

Financial Management for Small Missouri Municipalities:Volume III Financial Reporting And Auditing (Nov 2007) (Finance) - This bulletin is part of a three (3) volume set designed for municipalities with populations of 1,000 or less and/or budgets under $100,000. Volume III Financial Reporting completes the financial management process by describing financial reports that should be prepared monthly, semiannually and annually. Other sections address auditing, investment and banking, debt, fixed assets and purchasing. Sample forms are included. Members Link; Non Members ($15.00)  Purchase Now

Financing Capital Improvements in Missouri Municipalities (Dec 2015) (Finance and Public Works) -  Discusses the various methods available to Missouri municipalities to finance capital improvements. Includes chapters on capital improvements planning, bonds, lease purchase, tax increment financing and special benefit districts. Special thanks to the law firm of Gilmore and Bell for updating the 2015 edition!  Members Link; ($25.00) Non Members Purchase Now

Procurement Procedures for Missouri Municipalities (July 2006) (Purchasing) - Contains chapters on establishing a centralized purchasing system, purchasing procedures, property control, cooperative purchasing, retaining professional consulting services, municipal service contracts and energy efficient procurement. A sample procurement ordinance and purchasing forms and procedures are included. Members Link;  Non Members ($20.00) Purchase Now

Resource Guide for Missouri Municipalities (Grants) - A Listing of Grants, Loans and Assistance Programs - This resource guide is intended to be a comprehensive listing of grant, loan and assistance programs available to Missouri Municipalities. The guide was prepared by League Staff from information obtained from various state and federal agencies. Members Link; Non Members ($10.00) Purchase Now

Risk Management (Dec 1996) (Risk Management) -  Includes chapters on risk identification, methods of handling risks, insurance purchasing and loss control. Includes appendices on procedures to evaluate and purchase insurance policies. Members Link; Non Members ($15.00) Purchase Now

Special Assessment Procedures for Missouri Municipalities (Dec 2005) (Public Works) - Discusses the procedures, forms and ordinances that are used when financing public improvements by the special assessment method. Includes chapters on the types of improvements that may be financed by special assessments and the statutory procedures for villages, fourth class, special charter and third class cities. Members Link; Non Members ($20.00) Purchase Now

Taxation and Revenue in Missouri Municipalities (Jan 2009) (Taxes) -  Presents a comprehensive analysis of each source of municipal revenue, including a city-by-city analysis of the rates and total yields of each source. Members Link; Non Members ($25.00) Purchase Now

Governmental Organization

Conduct of Council Meetings (Aug 2009) (City Council) -  Designed to suggest ways of improving council meeting proceedings. Appendices discuss council procedures and powers; ordinances, and resolutions. Members Link; Non Members ($10.00) Purchase Now

Forms of Government for Missouri Municipalities (June 2007) (Classification) -  Explains, analyzes and compares the commission form, the mayor-council form, the council-manager form and the city administrator form. Helpful to charter commissions in deterĀ­mining the appropriate structure of city government. Members Link; Non Members ($15.00) Purchase Now

Model City Charter (Nov 2000) (Home Rule) -  A guide for city charter commissions in drafting home rule charters. Includes sections on governmental structure, financial procedures, powers of elected officials and municipal taxation. Analyzes important decisions that must be made by each charter commission. Members Link; Non Members ($20.00) Purchase Now

Manual for Newly Elected Officials (June 2015) (City Council) - Designed to assist newly elected mayors and councilmen in learning their statutory duties and responsibilities, as well as procedures to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of municipal governments. Members Link; Non Members ($20.00) Purchase Now

Manual for Municipal Clerks (July 2019) (City Clerk) - A guide for city clerks that describes their duties and methods to improve their operations. Includes chapters on financial and personnel management, office management, election procedures and purchasing. Members Link; Non Members ($20.00) Purchase Now


Municipal Labor Relations in Missouri (Feb 2008) (Personnel) - Outlines the current public employee labor law in Missouri and the procedures and problems of municipal-labor relations. Members Link; Non Members ($15.00) Purchase Now

Personnel Manual for Missouri Municipalities (May 2020) (Personnel) -  Written especially for the smaller cities, the Manual contains chapters on personnel selection proceĀ­dures, employee records systems, personnel rules and regulations, position classification, compensation plans, and sample forms and legal appendices.  This latest version was reviewed and extensively updated by attorney Ivan Schraeder. Members Link; Non Members ($25.00) Purchase Now

Fringe Benefits for Missouri Municipalities (April 2015) (Personnel) -  Contains comparative information of the fringe benefits provided to Missouri municipal employees .Members Link; Non Members ($25.00) Purchase Now

Community Development

Planning and Zoning Procedures For Missouri Municipalities (Sept 2004) (Planning & Zoning) - Describes the components of a comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations and the role of the city council and planning commission in developing and implementing these growth tools. Members Link; Non Members ($25.00) Purchase Now


Regulation and Control of Dogs (Apr 2004) (Animals) - Discusses the various types and provisions of dog control ordinances. Includes a suggested dog control ordinance, suggested dog shelter plan and model licensing forms. Members Link; Non Members ($15.00) Purchase Now

Municipal Utility Rates and Data

Sewer Rates and Policies in Missouri Municipalities (Dec 2009) (Utilities) - Contains comparative information on sewer rates, types of treatment, sewer extension policies, inspection procedures and financing methods. Members Link; Non Members ($25.00) Purchase Now

Solid Waste Management Practices in Missouri Municipalities (Dec 2004) (Utilities) - Contains tables comparing types of collection systems, rates, frequency of collection, etc., as well as the solid waste law and other information about the various aspects of solid waste management. Members Link; Non Members ($20.00) Purchase Now

Water Rates and Policies in Missouri Municipalities (Jan 2007) (Utilities) - Contains tables comparing municipal water utility rates, service connection charges, meter deposit amount, etc., in Missouri municipalities. Also compares various water utility policies such as who pays for water line extensions, discounts or penalties, and any charges for fire protection. Members Link; Non Members ($25.00) Purchase Now

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