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 General Info/Instructions:

  1. With a computer, internet access and speakers or a telephone, you can attend a web-based class conducted LIVE using GoToWebinar.
  2. Register online here and use a credit card. Once your registration has been processed, you will receive an emailed confirmation with the webinar link.
  3. To join the webinar, click the registration link and register with GoToWebinar.

Cost: $10 for members and $20 for non-members. 


All of the webinars are one hour and will run 10:00am-11:00am.

Cancellation policy: Since webinars are recorded, NO REFUNDS once purchased. Contact Emily Koenigsfeld, Event & Training Specialist at or 573-635-9134 for the link to view after the conclusion of the live presentation. 

If you purchase a recorded webinar (below) and choose the "bill me" option, the link will have to manually be sent. Please email Emily for that info. If you pay by credit card, the link will be found in the confirmation email as a download. Please make sure to open and save as the download will expire. 



COVID-19 Webinars




Contact Emily Koenigsfeld

3rd Quarter Webinars

Advanced MGI Recorded Webinars

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Ethics in the Political Arena Link  more ] Administration 7/15/2020
Advanced Sunshine Law Link  more ] Administration 2/18/2020
The Five Questions for Econ Dev Due Diligence Link  more ] Administration 11/15/2019

MGI Recorded Webinars

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Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Building Better Cities - Joe Lauber Link  more ] Administration 8/25/2020
Legacy Leadership - Ron Holifield Link  more ] Administration 10/4/2018
Trust Building Strategies for Leaders Link  more ] Administration 7/27/2018
Fundamentals of Municipal Contracting Link  more ] Administration 6/19/2018
Revenue Sources & Financing Alternatives Link  more ] Administration 4/12/2018
How to Avoid Being Burnt by the Sunshine Law - Edw Link  more ] Administration 3/6/2018
Municipal Risk and Claims Realities - MIRMA Link  more ] Administration 2/20/2018
Creating and Authentic Servant Leadership Culture Link  more ] Administration 2/8/2018
Conducting City Business - John Young Link  more ] Administration 1/12/2018
Coaching for Performance - Dr. Mike Mowery Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2018
Fundamentals of Muni Gov - Christine Bushyhead Link  more ] Administration 11/20/2017
Business Retention and Expansion - Sallie Hemenway Link  more ] Administration 11/20/2017
Ethics - Patricia Churchill Link  more ] Administration 8/23/2017
Planning and Zoning - Paul Martin Link  more ] Administration 7/27/2017
The Need for Servant Leadership - Dr. Mike Mowery Link  more ] Administration 5/11/2017
Personnel Law - David Davis Link  more ] Administration 4/6/2017
Public Works Contracting - Susan McGreevy Link Administration 3/15/2017
Priority Based Budgeting - Jon Johnson Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2018
Building Trust - Dr. Mike Mowery Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2018

Misc. Recorded Webinars

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Saving Your City Money Link  more ] Administration 4/22/2020
Records Management Link  more ] Administration 3/18/2020
Municipal Court Update Link  more ] Administration 2/6/2020
Civility: Why it Matters and How to Get There Link  more ] Administration 1/14/2020
New Overtime Rules Adopted Link  more ] Administration 12/18/2019
Medical Marijuana Implications for Employment Link  more ] Administration 8/5/2019
Missouri Property Tax Link  more ] Administration 4/10/2019
Workers' Compensation Fraud & Noncompliance Link  more ] Administration 3/13/2019
The Workforce of the Future: How Ready Are You? Link  more ] Administration 3/8/2019
Rejuvenating Downtown Link  more ] Administration 2/27/2019
Medical Marijuana: Implications for Municipalities Link  more ] Administration 2/21/2019
Social Media: Philosophy, Practice & Policy Link  more ] Administration 2/6/2019
Restrictions on Restrictions on Firearms Link  more ] Administration 1/11/2019
Responding to Citizen Videographers Link  more ] Administration 12/20/2018
Understanding New MO Collective Bargaining Laws  Link  more ] Administration 10/30/2018
Derelict Properties - Stephanie Karr Link  more ] Administration 10/24/2018
The Benefits of Native Plants for Communities Link  more ] Administration 6/15/2018
Post Disaster Recovery - Curt Skoog Link  more ] Administration 5/10/2018
Building Inclusion by Ending Workplace Bullying Link  more ] Administration 3/27/2018
Shared Services - Curt Skoog Link  more ] Administration 1/12/2018
Legislative Wrap-Up - Richard Sheets Link Administration 9/28/2017
Use Tax Explained - Stuart Haynes Link Administration 9/28/2017
The Future of Retail - John Brancaglione Link Administration 9/28/2017

MMAA Webinars

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Building Legitimacy in Diverse Communities Link  more ] Administration 8/24/2020
Missouri Automobile Stops Link  more ] Administration 4/8/2019

Missouri Municipal League

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