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Cities Are Essential

MML needs to hear your story! 

We have received a request from U.S. Senator Roy Blunt to hear more stories regarding the direct impact COVID-19 has had on your city. Please send us your story! 

Below are some questions to consider as you think about how your community has been affected. We are not asking you to answer each of these. The main idea is to share a way that your City has been impacted and why direct federal assistance would benefit your community.

Send your information to

Thank you!

  • What are revenues lost so far in 2020? How much lower is that than the same time period in 2019? What is the financial outlook for your community moving forward?
  • How many people does your city, town or village employ? Are you having to consider any layoffs, furloughs, or hiring freezes?
  • What other budget adjustments are you making because of coronavirus-related revenue losses? Are there programs being cut, or projects that will not happen? What critical municipal services will be impacted?
  • What companies or contractors will lose business from these projects not occurring? Can you quantify the dollar value or job loss from those projects not moving forward?
  • What additional actions did you take to deal with the pandemic? Did you have to make unanticipated expenditures to clean facilities, distance essential employees, provide personal protective equipment, or support public health operations?
  • What is the current and projected unemployment picture in your community? What degree of unemployment has persisted, even after state or local reopenings? How many local businesses have permanently closed?
  • What actions are you taking or do you anticipate having to take to help residents and businesses respond to the economic crisis? Has your community invested in food aid, housing assistance, small business loans, or other programs to protect unemployed residents?
  • Did you receive any money from the Coronavirus Relief Fund, either directly from the U.S. Treasury or through your state? How much additional shortfall does your city still need to cover?
  • What is the financial impact to your local businesses based on the municipality's lost revenue? What local business operating changes are you projecting later this and next year (staffing, revenue, etc.) if your municipality does not receive fiscal relief?

Learn more about NLC's Cities Are Essential Campaign.

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